2019. Wow.

As 2019 comes to a close, this marks roughly a year and a half since I’ve last written in this format. It just so happens that I haven’t really ran much since that date either. I’m about 16 months removed from my last race and by most accounts am content to be where I’m at. […]

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Bigfoot 200 – 2018

Patience. Be Present. You Are Lucky. I wrote these three things down on a card I would carry through the Bigfoot 200. These phrases or words weren’t meant to be a reminder, just an affirmation of how my life has evolved over the last few years. Historically I have lacked patience. The last three years […]

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The Bear 100 – 2017

The biggest thing that I’ve realized this summer is that I am truly fortunate to have found this sport. I’m lucky that I can travel long distances on foot. I’m lucky that I have the disposition and temperament that enjoys the beautiful things I can see on my own two feet. Despite the fact that […]

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IMTUF 2016

A few weeks ago Breein and I were stopped in Rawlins, WY. She had some work related things to do at various Wyoming outposts and I was along to provide moral support. Aside from the pep talks and inspirational speeches I gave, my purpose for being there was because we were headed to the Wind Rivers […]

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Wasatch 100 DNF – 2013

Let’s just get the disappointing news out of the way. I dropped from the Wasatch 100 at Big Mountain (mile 39). I won’t go into the details, but lets just say I couldn’t keep any food down. The heat obviously wreaked havoc on my stomach and I couldn’t figure out a way to keep the […]

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