Antelope Island Buffalo Run 100 – 2016

The 2016 version of the Buffalo Run 100 was a good one for me. Despite that, I don’t have any desire to do a play by play as to how my day unfolded. This is a race performance I’ll draw from a lot the next time I get into a prolonged calorie deficit. I’ve learned a lot from my days of cutting weight and stepping on scales. The biggest lesson that applies to ultra running is that your body can be pushed far beyond what you think you can handle; even while consuming next to zero calories. The key to that is that you actually have to want to do it. I’m not talking about a “want” for a particular race result or placing. You actually have to just love being out there and experimenting with what your body and mind can do. The 2016 version of the Buffalo Run was my favorite of the five I’ve taken part in. The reason for that has nothing to do with a finish time. It was because I got to share it with the person I care about most and the fact that I could be happy, and still run well, while feeling so bad. (Photo’s by Lori Burlison or Breein)


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